• My wife and I had a fantastic experience with our Pomegranate team! (Kat, Marijke, and Yarra) It was our first birth and they made it a lot less stressful. Someone was always available to answer any concerns, even at 1 in the morning, and you know you’ll never be able to reach an OB GYN at that time! I cannot recommend them highly enough and I recommend pomegranate to everyone I know who is having a baby!

    Philip Chang Jul 2014
  • The midwives at Pomegranate were excellent. We loved them so much after having our first child in their care we jumped at the chance to use them again with our second. Of course the birth of my first was long and tiresome yet they were there for me the whole time. With many hours of on and off labor our midwife stayed with us day and night until our baby finally decided to arrive. From jaundice, nursing challenges to yeast infections I trusted the knowledge and expert advice that the team of midwives were able to give us. I have recommended Pomegranate to friends and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for exceptional care during and after pregnancy.

    Chrissy Jul 2014
  • I had my daughter at home under the care of Pomegranate, and I’m back again now with another. I love this clinic. They are engaged in their community, trusting, caring, and professional. I recommend these midwives to everyone I know in the Vancouver area.
    Jill Colpitts Jul 2014
  • I had my third and fourth children with the assistance of the midwives at Pomegranate. It is my experience that birth is the most painful, most joyous and most life changing event ever. The Pomegranate midwives were excellent at guiding my family and I through this adventure. With each pregnancy the midwives were available and responsive to my concerns. I could page at any time or call the office. I never felt like I was any trouble or interrupting. I was concerned that my third baby was going to be born on Christmas, but they assured me there was no issue. I truly felt supported. The midwives were knowledgable and attuned to my concerns. I was properly referred and informed of results in a timely manner. I felt supported. If I think about why this care was right for me, I think about the appointments leading up to the birth – never feeling rushed out the door. I think about how my husband and children were all involved in the births. I think about how I was involved and present for the births. I think about how I was able to have our babies at home and that I always felt safe. I think about how my wishes were supported and respected. I think about my midwife bringing me toast and tea after the birth. It seems so silly and so small, but it symbolizes so much more. I also appreciated the followup appointments once the babies had arrived. I had reliable support. It was what I needed. I feel I have been so lucky to have such excellent birth experts at my side. Thank you ladies! I would go back, in a heartbeat…but five seems crazy, doesn’t it?

    Tessa LeGuilloux Jul 2014
  • We thoroughly enjoyed our Pomegranate experience. We received excellent care – before, during and after the birth of our daughter. While my wife was in labour, a number of complications arose and the midwife team handled everything as we had discussed ahead of time. We felt well cared for, supported and encouraged in our experience as new parents and we’re so grateful for their help. Thank you Pomegranate!

    Shaun McLean Jul 2014
  • I had a great experience at Pomegranate. Over two pregnancies, I worked with 5 different midwives, and felt cared for and respected. Every midwife I met with was open minded, answered questions honestly and neutrally, and left me empowered to make my own choices. They were strong advocates for my birth preferences, even when my plans deviated from the recommendations of a consulting OB. I strongly believe that with other care providers, I would have been pressured during my pregnancy and birth and that it would have had a tremendous impact on my experience. I am a strong advocate for informed choice and woman-centered care and I never hesitate to refer friends to Pomegranate.
    Natalie Lawy Jul 2014
  • They are awsome!

    I would recommend Pomegranate Midwives to everyone! My partner and I were blown away by the support, knowledge, care, attention and expertise of our midwives. They were all wonderful people and helped us so much during the pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Yay midwives – I can’t imagine not going this route for childbirth care.

    Karla Mundy Jul 2014
  • They are awsome!

    I felt so completely cared for. My birth experience was beautiful. The post-partum care made mourn the switch to a family doctor. Thank you!

    Nancy Schmidt-Chenier Jul 2014
  • They are awsome!

    We came to Pomegranate for our second child after experiencing our first child’s arrival through our family doctor. And there is no comparison. The level of care, kindness, and humanity was far beyond expectations.

    Marlene Jan Jul 2014
  • They are awsome!

    Pomegranate is an amazing and special place that builds and supports a positive birth community in Vancouver. We had them as our health care providers with the birth of our son last year (2011) and had a wonderful and supportive experience, we felt very taken care of especially post-partum when it becomes the most challenging. We would highly recommend them as as a Midwife clinic 🙂

    Kristin Richards Jun 2014
  • They are awsome

    The midwives from Pomegranate are wonderful! I have birthed with them by my side twice and love working with them as a doula!

    Bethan Stewart Jun 2014
  • They are awsome!

    My second pregnancy was very stressful and needed a fair bit of medical intervention and support. My midwives at Pomegranate were incredibly supportive, patient and helpful. They encouraged and supported my desire to have a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) by providing with helpful information to help me make informed decisions about my pregnancy. When I needed a consultation with an OB, they worked well with him and were very professional. I had planned a home birth, but needed to transfer to the hospital and the midwife ensured that I was cared for and had the best experience possible, in spite of the change of plans. I was able to have a medication-free VBAC and it was amazing. They provided great post-partum support and breastfeeding assistance. I highly recommend them.

    Avital Kline Jun 2014

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