Pomegranate is excited to be a preceptor site for midwifery, medical and nursing students. We find that teaching keeps our skills sharp, and demands that we are always up to date with the latest maternity-care research. In return, our students teach us from their own life experience, and infuse our practice with new energy. In the case of our midwifery students who are with us for one or more semesters, they provide an even deeper level of continuity to our clients.

2010-11: Jasmine Freed – 4th Yr, UBC Midwifery
2010-11: Dawn Megan Henderson – 4th Yr, UBC Midwifery
2010: Alix Bacon – 2nd Yr, UBC Midwifery
2009-10: Amelia Doran – 4th Yr, UBC Midwifery
2009-10: Sarah Hilbert-West – 4th Yr, UBC Midwifery
2009: Astrid Fritzsche – 2nd Yr, UBC Midwifery
2008-09: Katie McNiven – 4th Yr, UBC Midwifery
2008-09: Carole Miceli – 3rd Yr, UBC Midwifery
2008 : Sara Grundle – 2nd Yr, Seattle Midwifery School
2008: Ashley Kruse – 2nd Yr, UBC Midwifery
2008: Amy Braunstein – 2nd Yr, UBC Midwifery
2007-08: Celina Laursen – 3rd Yr, UBC Midwifery
2007-08: Kara Bonkowski – 1st Yr, Midwives College of Utah
Marijke de Zwager – 2nd Yr, UBC Midwifery
2006-07: Christy Raynolds – 3rd Yr, UBC Midwifery
2006: Anne-Marie Cayer – 2nd Yr, UBC Midwifery


In their third year of school, which is when medical students are exploring what area(s) of practice or specialty appeals to them, they are offered the opportunity to follow a midwife through her clinic day. They are also able to take classes with midwifery students, and be part of the Maternity Care Club which involves midwives and GPs teaching hands-on obstetric skills.

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