Stephanie Hodges


I was first introduced to the midwives of Pomegranate as their yoga instructor. Our common interest in the health of women, families and communities led to a blossoming relationship and the joining of resources.

After studying at the University of Victoria and The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, I have been running my own nutrition consulting and yoga business, Vitalis Nutrition, Yoga and Adventures for the past three years. My interest has been in the power real food and an active lifestyle to support healthy and positive change that goes beyond the individual. I believe that real food can play a powerful role in nourishing both baby and mom, and for creating strong vital families, communities and connections.

I initially came to the clinic as a nutritionist. More recently, I became the clinic manager at Pomegranate. I am excited to be involved in the challenges and rewards of office administration, as well as the mysteries and miracles of pregnancy. I love to witness and take part in the relationships that form in the clinic between midwife, client and the alternative practitioners. Many woman cry at their last visit because they don’t want to leave, and in gratitude for the overwhelming loving care they received through their experience into motherhood. I feel refreshed that such a model of care exists and am honoured to see it thriving right before my eyes. I am proud, challenged and excited to be part of the Pomegranate Clinic.


Emily Baxter

(on maternity leave with her sweet little baby girl!)

In 2004 I traveled to Uganda with an organization called Friends of Mengo to do the groundwork for a study on how selenium supplements affect the quality of life in AIDs patients. This turned into an incredible 6 month adventure. It was at Sanyu Babies Home where I discovered my maternal instinct, and while shadowing in a maternity ward at St. Joseph’s Hospital, I gained a great deal of background knowledge about the process of birth, and maternity care.

I was in awe when I saw my first birth. I knew then that working with labouring women and growing families was my calling.When I returned to Canada I did a great deal of reading and studying, and began my work as a doula. In 2007 I had my son, and chose midwifery care and a doula for my birth.  At this time I also started my business Natural Creation making natural products for moms & babies.

At our clinic, clients can purchase Homebirth Kits and other natural products for mothers and babies. For a complete listing please visit my website, Natural Creation. For more information on our Homebirth Kits and Birth Pool Rentals, please click here.

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