Who We Are

It’s free – midwifery services are covered by BC Medical Services Plan.

It’s your choice – we deliver in hospital or home.

We are a diverse group of Registered Midwives with a shared goal to provide you with care that is informative and empowering from conception to six weeks postpartum, including complete labour and birth care. Our vision is based on a dynamic, fun and woman-centered approach to pregnancy and beyond. Currently, we offer our services to women in Vancouver and Burnaby with hospital privileges primarily used at BC Women’s and Burnaby Hospitals. At Pomegranate, we promote collaboration with a variety of other health care practitioners for optimal outcomes.

In this vibrant community, we feel privileged to provide our services to women of many different social and cultural backgrounds. Between us, we speak five languages and strive to bring midwifery care to women at large. We are joined by instructors, facilitators and other health care practitioners who share our vision for high standard maternity and newborn care.

We offer team-based midwifery care. When you book into care, you will be followed by a group of 2-4 midwives. In this model, you will get to meet each of your midwives equally and when you go into labour, one of your midwives will be on call for you. Throughout your care with us, there is always a midwife from your team available on-call 24/7.

In our clinic, we use a highly secure Electronic Medical Record system. This means that we are mostly paperless and all your information is recorded electronically, such as prenatal records, ultrasounds, blood work etc. This gives us minute-to-minute access to your most updated clinical information wherever we are – in clinic, or on-call. Your records are confidential and belong to you. At your final visit, we will give you a copy to keep and send another copy to your family physician.

Midwives care for you from conception to 6 weeks after the baby is born. Please fill out the Intake Form on our home page as soon as you can. We will phone you and book your first visit with us after we receive your completed form. We follow a standard schedule for prenatal visits. Typically, we will schedule visits every 4-6 weeks till about 28 weeks, then every 3 weeks till 36 weeks, then weekly till you have your baby. Your visits are usually 30-45 minutes long. After you have your baby, we will visit you every other day in the first week, at your home. After the first week, we will see you several more times in the clinic till 6 weeks postpartum when we will refer you back to your family physician. If you do not have a family physician, we will be happy to help you find one.

Engaging in your maternity health care is important. At Pomegranate Community Midwives, we believe that woman-centred care literally means supporting the decisions that work best for you and your family. Informed Choice is an integral part of midwifery care – this means that we take the time required to inform you about all upcoming tests and procedures so that you can make a decision based on the best available information and your own personal values. Our resources will help you gather information along your way. As part of the partnership in your care, we expect that you will make us aware of your expectations, wishes and plans so that we can better individualize your care.

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