How to Reach Your Midwife

How to Reach Your Midwife      604-255-5556


Check the clinic answering machine for the name and pager number of the midwife currently on-call for your team. If you have call-display, you may have access to our home or cell phone numbers. We ask that you still use our pagers, as this is the most efficient way to contact us, as well as the least disturbing to our families.


Leave a message at the clinic.


Leave a message on the pager of the midwife on call between 9am & 9pm.

  • Please respect that after-hours calls are welcome if they are for urgent concerns only. 


Anytime: if you have an urgent call, page the midwife on call and key in your number.

  • If you don’t get a response within fifteen minutes, page again.
  • If you still don’t get a response within another fifteen minutes, please page a midwife from the otherPomegranateteam. (Check the clinic answering machine for her name and number.) We make every effort to ensure service, but in the event of equipment failure they should know how to get in touch with us.
  • If you have no response from any of us, call BC Women’s Hospital Assessment Room, inform them of your situation and ask for their help: (604) 875-3070.


Daytime (between 9am & 9pm):

  • If you suspect you may be in labor, page the midwife on call. A heads-up call can help us to arrange our day so that we will be available when you need us later.

Nighttime (between 9pm & 9am):

  • If you know you are in active labor and need a midwife now, please page us urgently!
  • If you do not need a midwife immediately, please wait until morning.  We appreciate our chances to sleep through the night, and having a perky midwife when labor gets hard may be just what you need.
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