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About Pomegranate

Pomegranate Community Midwives is a space where women and families receive comprehensive midwifery care, attend classes geared towards pregnancy and beyond, benefit from complementary therapy and make meaningful connections with their community. At Pomegranate, you can find midwifery, massage, childbirth classes, counselling, acupuncture, nutritionists, lactation consultants, postpartum mothering groups, yoga, info nights, workshops and other ways to promote health and wellness during your time with us.

We are located in the vibrant East Village neighborhood of Vancouver.
Within a block of Pomegranate are a diversity of shops, cafés, a public library, a community centre, banks, drugstores and food markets. There are both pharmacy and lab services across the street. Also close by are other healthcare professionals, including chiropractors, acupuncturists, dentists, naturopaths and general practitioners. Being on a main street, we are highly accessible to those using public transportation and are wheel-chair accessible. There is also ample free street parking nearby and a free parking lot a block away. Our central location allows us to conveniently provide services to clients in Vancouver, Burnaby, North Van and Bowen Island.


I had my third and fourth children with the assistance of the midwives at Pomegranate. It is my experience that birth is the most painful, most joyous and most life changing event ever. The Pomegranate midwives were excellent at guiding my family and I through this adventure. With each pregnancy the midwives were available and responsive to my concerns. I could page at any time or call the office. I never felt like I was any trouble or interrupting. I was concerned that my third baby was going to be born on Christmas, but they assured me there was no issue. I truly felt supported. The midwives were knowledgable and attuned to my concerns. I was properly referred and informed of results in a timely manner. I felt supported. If I think about why this care was right for me, I think about the appointments leading up to the birth – never feeling rushed out the door. I think about how my husband and children were all involved in the births. I think about how I was involved and present for the births. I think about how I was able to have our babies at home and that I always felt safe. I think about how my wishes were supported and respected. I think about my midwife bringing me toast and tea after the birth. It seems so silly and so small, but it symbolizes so much more. I also appreciated the followup appointments once the babies had arrived. I had reliable support. It was what I needed. I feel I have been so lucky to have such excellent birth experts at my side. Thank you ladies! I would go back, in a heartbeat…but five seems crazy, doesn’t it?

Tessa LeGuilloux

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Midwifery Intake Form

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR PREGNANCY! When we receive your form, our office staff will check to see if we have room in our clinic during the time that you are due. Someone will contact you within the week to let you know, and if so, book an initial appointment with one of our midwives. If you have not received a call by then, please feel free to send another form and/or give us a call at 604-255-5556.

WHAT TO EXPECT AT YOUR FIRST VISIT: You will have a 30-40 minute visit where you will meet one of the midwives on your assigned team. During this time, she will discuss with you what to expect from midwifery care in general, as well as how this may apply to your specific needs.

IN THE MEANTIME: Feel free to have a look at our website, especially the Client Handouts at www.pomegranate-midwives.com/resources. If you are still in the first trimester, you may be interested in handouts such as Coping With Nausea, Genetic Screening Options, etc.

CONNECT WITH US ONLINE: You may also want to check out our online community on Facebook for the latest news about what is happening in and around our community. This is our primary way of connecting with our clients about our classes and events, happenings around Vancouver, as well as interesting pregnancy research and information - with the occasional juicy tidbit.

PRIVACY POLICY: Obviously, by sending in your form you have given us your email. We would like you to know that we have never and will never sell or distribute your email in any way, but use it only for communication between you and our office. This includes adding you to our mailout list - once you are confirmed as a client - which will happen approximately four times per year and will include info about clinic events, e.g. our annual client picnic. Please let our office know if you would prefer to be taken off this list.